Passerelle Integration Services

The Passerelle Platform makes it possible to quickly integrate the Passerelle Products (Remote Support, Guide, Instruct) into your IT landscape.

Our experts are ready to assist you during this integration journey. We identify your unique needs and use that understanding to help you in getting the most out of the Passerelle Platform.

Integration can be done on several levels.

Flow and Rule Design

To get you up and running as quick as possible, our team can assist your business/development team during the implementation of the design of some Flows, based on our ready-made Actors

Connector Development

To connect Passerelle with your existing specific applications, our Development Team is ready to create a number of specific Connectors which can be re-used in every Flow

VR Implementation Services

To develop a dedicated VR training environment for your employees, our service team can assist you through the whole process of translating your learning objectives into an interactive VR-learning environment

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