Passerelle Remote Support

Add a next level to your support with enhanced reality

Real time video calling between on-site technician and off-site support expert

Passerelle Remote Support allows your on-site technician to get directly in touch with the right off-site supporting expert.
Through the wearables used by the technician (smart glasses, tablet, gsm, …)  the remote expert can give all necessary assistance to solve the problem.


Remote picture taking

Take pictures remotely of the on site situation

Video recording

Record a flow of actions usefull for evalutions or training

Live annotations

Guide the on site technician by real time typing and drawing

All devices

Make use of different kind of devices to communicate : tablet, smart glasses, gsm, …

History & analytics

Detailed activity logging of communication sessions for analysis, billing, reporting …


Secure login with your own credentials & integration with existing backend system

Location Services

Determine the exact location of you field engineer in 1 click

Intelligent routing

Avoid forwarding of support requests by directly connecting the right expert


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