Unlock available data
Automated analysis and decisions

Maximize the efficiency and automation of support processes.
Full automation, so no human intervention needed to analyse data and solve issues, is preferable in those domains where decision logic and flows are well known, structured, documented and modelled.

Our Passerelle platform is aimed at improving the precision and consistency of operational decision flows in domains with a certain degree of complexity (large number of simple decisions or complex decisions with a large number of parameters, dispersed data, need for track & trace, frequent changes in decision logic).
The platform exists of a standard set of building blocks, allowing fast creation of web-applications and providing support on near real-time processes.
Also if you need a customized solution, our Passerelle experts will be happy to think out-of-the-box and tackle your problem.

Unlock available procedures
Step-by-step guidance on wearables

Reduce errors during step-by-step execution of standard procedures.

When procedures for provisioning, maintenance, inspections, operations, manufacturing, … are getting rather complex, asking full concentration and advanced knowledge of the operator, how nice is it to have a tool to assist and make the work less error-prone ?


With our solution you can create your personalized guidance and control app, also available on wearables (smartphone, tablet, smart glasses, …)

Unlock available expertise
Support by remote assistance

Passerelle Coach is our Saas platform for real-time video calling between an on-site technician and a remote expert, providing them with all the tools they need for fast and efficient problem solving.

It empowers the efficiency of the, even inexperienced, technician by providing him on-demand additional documentation, annotations, pointers, …  on his wearable while he is executing (technical) repair tasks. Ultimately smartglasses allow even hands free interventions.

First-time-right interventions reduce the need for second visits, so less technicians on the road and reduced downtime of customer’s systems and equipment.

Read more about Passerelle Coach

Unlock intrinsic workforce potential
Training in virtual environment

VR Training or serious gaming augments the efficiency of your training facilities.

Complex information can be offered to the trainee in a visual explanation and makes the training experience easier to understand and recall.

Recorded real life remote assistance scenario’s can be used as course material or for certification tests .

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Optimize the synergy between people and equipment

We fully support your operators with
action and decision automation,
guidance on wearables,
remote assistance and training,
implementing AR/VR technology

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