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Supportsquare is proud to introduce the brand new version of our Remote assistance software: Passerelle Coach.

Passerelle Coach bridges the visual communication gap with AR for instant access to expert knowledge, anywhere.

From Automotive to Medical, from Defense to telecoms, discover how AR can help you achieve more in this new world challenges!

Passerelle Coach maximizes uptime, boosts professional growth and efficiency while caring about carbon footprint.

See more. Do more. Know more.

Stay tuned for great use cases examples with tremendous value for you!

Speedcharging Dealernetwerk

Speedcharging Dealernetwerk

Dit project wordt gerealiseerd met financiële steun door de Europese Unie

Via het Crossroads-programma vonden SupportSquare en PIA Automation elkaar, doordat ze mogelijkheden zien om elkaar verder te helpen. Het helpen vindt zijn toepassing in het gebruik maken van schaalbare XR software ondersteuning om de dealers van laadoplossingen versneld op te leiden, kwaliteit te borgen en de noodzakelijke verplaatsingen naar de dealers te reduceren. Bovendien zorgt deze ondersteuning voor PIA Automation  voor een verhoogde zichtbaarheid op de installed base en garandeert het daarmee de mogelijkheid om zowel de dealers als de eindklanten optimaal te ondersteunen. Deze applicatie vormt voor Supportsquare een referentie-case, die onmiddellijk  toepasbaar is voor vergelijkbare dealer georiënteerde value-chains.

In dit project zullen we met Supportsquare’s XR-technologie een zelfhulp app ontwikkelen voor de installatie, indienststelling en het onderhouden van laadoplossingen.

Vertrekkende vanuit een behoefte analyse zal een MVP  (Minimal Viable Product) ontwikkeld worden, die meteen aan representatieve gebruikers voor user-testing zal worden aangeboden. Via korte cycli zal gebruiksvriendelijkheid gegarandeerd worden. Vervolgens zal de integratie, robuustheid en schaalbaarheid van de applicatie verzekerd dienen te worden. Speciale aandacht zal besteed worden, aan het borgen en het in correcte sequentie doorlopen van alle juiste stappen. Hiermee wordt een innovatieve oplossing gerealiseerd, die een hele positieve impact heeft op de kwaliteit, traceerbaarheid, efficiëntie en betrouwbaarheid van de installatie.

Finaal levert het project daarmee ook een substantiële  emissiereductie op. De reductie komt door de eigen verplaatsingen te beperken, maar in tweede orde draagt het ook bij aan een versnelde uitrol en verhoogde beschikbaarheid van elektrische laadinfrastructuur. Dit zal de adoptie van elektrische auto’s bevorderen.

VR & its use in Education, Entertainment & Business

COVID19 has boosted VR awareness and uses cases big time. AR/VR markets are poised to grow $125b in the 2020-2024 period.

Quick recap: VR is a simulated experience that primarily finds its use in fields like education, entertainment and in the corporate world. A typical virtual reality system will require a user to wear a headset that will immerse her in a virtual environment where they will literally experience images, sounds, and even sensations ‘à la the real world’.

This explains why VR comes in real handy in educating (virtual classes), entertaining (video games), training (learning & development) but also simulation (building projects), predictive maintenance (digital twins), and many less known use cases.

R&D projects in cooperation with Flandersmake lead to innovative market solutions

A great example of how our R&D projects in cooperation with Flandersmake lead to innovative market solutions that allow us to accelerate our growth.

Prior to releasing automatically generated XR instructions on the shopfloor we test them in a virtual world and at the same time train the operators performing procedures as well as learn them how to use the instructions.

Shout-out also to VLAIO’s funding, Flanders Make research and the insights and feedback from companies such as CNHi, Atlas Copco, GEA, Picanol, Sabca  helping us crystallize our solutions.

Supportsquare as VR-partner in the creation of powerful learning solution

On May 11th 2021, Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters visited the AWATAR simulation room in Willebroek. By 2032, De Vlaamse Waterweg nv wants to operate all moving engineering works from three remote control centers. De Vlaamse Waterweg relied on Agidens for the realization of AWATAR, a virtual operation simulator that will help realize these ambitious plans and ensure that the trajectory of ships over a longer distance can be planned more smoothly.

In partnership with INTERGO | International Centre for Safety, Ergonomics & Human Factors and Supportsquare

Visit us at Abiss 2019, Kortrijk

 - Kortrijk Xpo 


ABISS 2019 is a trade fair with the spotlight on "Apps, Software and Solutions for digital, connected & smart industry".

Supportsquare is one of a select group of exhibitors, limited to 70, as we meet exactly what ABISS's target groups in the industry are looking for: smart and digital software, apps and solutions for critical processes and departments within the value chain of the smart and connected factories.

Come and visit us at booth 40, where we will demonstrate how our Guide, Coach and Teach solutions accelerate the knowledge growth of your personnel and customers.

You can register for free here

ABISS 2019 specifically targets the following profiles of visitors:

  • C-levels, owners and general management of SMEs and large companies
  • Managers and prescribers from specific business processes (Engineering, production, maintenance, supply chain, quality, planning, asset management, logistics, warehousing, sales, after-sales service)
  • and this from all industry sectors



Supportsquare in ZO magazine


ZO West Vlaanderen, the member magazine of UNIZO W-Vl, spent in his recent edition several pages on the Quick Win collaboration between Vyncke and Supportsquare. We developed for Vyncke a virtual version of a biomass power plant.
You can read the full article here


VR model for Vyncke Biomass installation

Supportsquare is happy to announce its collaboration with Vyncke, supported by Flanders’ Factory-of-the-Future initiative (POM West Vlaanderen).

VYNCKE designs and builds green and clean energy plants burning biomass and  Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) to produce energy.
This 2016 “Enterprise of the Year” is facing fast global expansion of their business.
Most of their biomass facilities are constructed abroad.

To optimize their sales, marketing, engineering and ramp-up processes there is a need to work with virtual versions of their installations.
In this co-creation project Supportsquare enhances its collaborative VR for the specific needs of large installations such as Vyncke Biomass facilities. Our VR environment enables collaborative visits, design reviews, and training sessions of  Vyncke’s  installations from all over the world. These remote sessions provide an immersive and interactive experience to the visitor.
The collaborative solutions help Vyncke to optimize the information exchange during the engineering and ramp-up phase, and they tighten both the pre- and aftersales relationship with their customers