We welcome JBTC in our Passerelle Coach community.

Contributing to one of JBT’s corporate values of ‘Customer First’, they started with Passerelle Remote Support to provide remote assistance to their customers.

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You are welcome to watch our demo @Flanders Make symposium

At the Symposium we will demonstrate the use of our applications "Guide" (digital work instructions/checklists), "Coach" (AR Remote Visual Assistance) and "Teach" (VR learning environments) specifically highlighting the synergies between the different XR applications.



Our Special Symposion Action

Send us your 3D CAD model of a machine - we will convert it into a collaborative VR experience.
Contact hello@supportsquare.io for more information.


SupportSquare and Iristick: new partnership for Remote Assistance

PRESS RELEASE - SupportSquare and Iristick are pleased to announce a new partnership to provide the most comprehensive solution for remote assistance on industrial Smart Glasses.

SupportSquare (Passerelle) and Iristick are delighted to officially announce their partnership to leverage the very best of both of their respective solutions. The powerfull Visual Assistance solution, Passerelle Remote Support, leverages the maximum capacity of the Iristick smart glasses (optical zoom lens, hand-free communication, full shift support,…). This combination empowers operators and remote experts with state-of-the-art technology for remote assistance.

Iristick is the creator of the Iristick.Z1, smart safety glasses for the industry. Iristick smart glasses are ruggedized, certified safety glasses equipped with 2 cameras and a powerful optical zoom lens, barcode scanner, voice commands, unrestricted field of view and ‘full-shift’ battery capacity. All combined in a unique and comfortable design. Iristick smart glasses are tethered to a smartphone for maximum processing power. Iristick smart glasses are fully compliant with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Passerelle Remote Support, by SupportSquare, is part of the Passerelle Suite, a combination of solutions to guide, coach and teach technical personnel. Passerelle Remote Support allows your on-site technician to get directly in touch with the right back-office supporting expert.Through the smart glasses used by the technician the remote expert can give AR-enabled assistance to diagnose and solve the problem.

The combination of Passerelle and Iristick offers the unique power of both solutions: increasing knowledge transfer, shortening intervention times, saving travel costs and making sure all expertise is available when needed.

"What really motivates us is to offer the deskless workforce of the future topnotch tools to reduce errors and increase productivity. Field technicians are connected in real-time with remote experts, zooming in on the smallest details, to get the job done, fast and effectively."Johan De Geyter, CEO Iristick

The Iristick concept of lightweight smartglasses with a companion app on smartphones offers a number of unique advantages. It combines the richness of the input possibilities of our app with the convenience of seeing the necessary info in front of your eyes” Ben Mahy, Managing Director SupportSquare

Visit us at Abiss 2019, Kortrijk

 - Kortrijk Xpo 


ABISS 2019 is a trade fair with the spotlight on "Apps, Software and Solutions for digital, connected & smart industry".

Supportsquare is one of a select group of exhibitors, limited to 70, as we meet exactly what ABISS's target groups in the industry are looking for: smart and digital software, apps and solutions for critical processes and departments within the value chain of the smart and connected factories.

Come and visit us at booth 40, where we will demonstrate how our Guide, Coach and Teach solutions accelerate the knowledge growth of your personnel and customers.

You can register for free here

ABISS 2019 specifically targets the following profiles of visitors:

  • C-levels, owners and general management of SMEs and large companies
  • Managers and prescribers from specific business processes (Engineering, production, maintenance, supply chain, quality, planning, asset management, logistics, warehousing, sales, after-sales service)
  • and this from all industry sectors



Discover the new features of Passerelle Remote Support @Maintenance 2019

27 & 28/03 Antwerp Expo
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We will live demonstrate how to support your technical staff with Passerelle Remote Support anywhere in the world.
We have some new features to connect your technicians with the right experts even more easily.
Read more on the Passerelle Remote Support info page.

Supportsquare in ZO magazine


ZO West Vlaanderen, the member magazine of UNIZO W-Vl, spent in his recent edition several pages on the Quick Win collaboration between Vyncke and Supportsquare. We developed for Vyncke a virtual version of a biomass power plant.
You can read the full article here


VR model for Vyncke Biomass installation

Supportsquare is happy to announce its collaboration with Vyncke, supported by Flanders’ Factory-of-the-Future initiative (POM West Vlaanderen).

VYNCKE designs and builds green and clean energy plants burning biomass and  Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) to produce energy.
This 2016 “Enterprise of the Year” is facing fast global expansion of their business.
Most of their biomass facilities are constructed abroad.

To optimize their sales, marketing, engineering and ramp-up processes there is a need to work with virtual versions of their installations.
In this co-creation project Supportsquare enhances its collaborative VR for the specific needs of large installations such as Vyncke Biomass facilities. Our VR environment enables collaborative visits, design reviews, and training sessions of  Vyncke’s  installations from all over the world. These remote sessions provide an immersive and interactive experience to the visitor.
The collaborative solutions help Vyncke to optimize the information exchange during the engineering and ramp-up phase, and they tighten both the pre- and aftersales relationship with their customers

Virtual Revolution for Industry - Tilburg

Virtual (R) evolution is the annual event where industrial applications from VR and AR are central.

We presented our innovative AR/VR products and solutions to an audience of early adopters from industry, healthcare, architecture, …

Ben explained during his talk ‘Optimize the synergy between people and equipment‘ how to take advantage of VR/AR in the world of support, maintenance and training.


Our (new) office

iSencia and Sagility have joined forces and merged into a new company SupportSquare.

Through this merging of activities our 15-person team circumvents the typical glass ceiling for AR and VR startups having a hard time translating proof of concept studies into full-fledged production roll-outs.
The robust EDM (Enterprise Decision Management) platform Passerelle provides an enterprise ready authoring platform which for years has proven its strength as an important part of diagnostics and repair processes in telecommunications networks. It includes the necessary business logic authoring environment, IoT and backoffice integration connectors, security, support for on- and off-line use, and cloud-based functionality to ensure scalable use of AR applications in an enterprise setting.

SupportSquare's offices can be found near the port of Gent.
Find our exact location here